Sunday, 10 July 2011

Victorian England

Yesterday we arrived at Aid&Abet after the discussion on artist books had begun. We decided not to disturb everyone with the clattering of our bikes so we headed to Mill Road. I was desperate for a wee so we went into a depressed looking café that had a loo. A man with old fuzzy blue tattoos an England cap and a look of adrenalin arrived at the next table. Police motorcycles, riot vans and cars could be seen from the café window. I was reminded of the sickening fear I felt when my father took me aged 6 to see the Toxteth riots.

The EDL were in town and a protest against them headed down Mill Road. Alex and I bickered. A man handed out vegetable spring rolls and I was relieved when it was over.

Back at Aid&Abet I cut out a mountain of pseudo victoriana and heard a lot of peoples stories of trauma. I also got to hear about the feudal system of the Fitzwilliam museum and about the curious questions women ask women who fancy women.

Bird boy came up from Brighton with his lady Rebecca and I realised I'd met Bird boy a long time ago in a shack in the Suffolk woods. Rebecca and Bird boy borrowed our bikes and went I'm search of the river.

Waiting on the train platform (the electricity supply we'd seen rather thrillingly is housed in Aid&Abet)
Alex and I were too tense to concentrate on the crossword due to racists being bundled onto trains to Kings Lynn by a tough looking policewoman.
We heard an ex para stripper extolling his virtues on the train- he disembarked at Stowmarket- a pathetic wreck holding a bottle of near empty cava.

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  1. I wondered why there were so many policemen around the station when I arrived.