Thursday, 7 July 2011


The job interviews are nearly done. Next week we should discover who stays and who goes. Many of my colleagues seem to have opted for full time work as a tactic for keeping their jobs perhaps with a view to dropping their proportions later on. However it seems likely there are to be further cut backs next academic year. But now I am sitting on the 1119 to Cambridge with a large canister of helium and some 3ft black latex balloons. Annabel has had to stay behind waiting for City Link to deliver her pictures. These are the pictures that they broke on the way to a show in London, that were then repaired and broken on the way back. This time they were apparently so smashed that City Link decided there was no point in delivering them. When Annabel contacted them she was informed they were now a health and safety risk for the drivers and she would have to pick them up herself. The Ipswich depot is now closed so this would have involved an 88 mile round trip to Newmarket. We don't have a car and though I enjoy my cycling I am not as fit as I was. Emails and phone calls would not budge the Officials at city link nor their parent company Parcel2Go. Piqued I started to whine on Twitter and Facebook. "I'll never use Parcel2Go again" I declaimed. Within seconds the front door rang and there was a City Link van. Actually it was my helium. But within ten minutes the Parcel2Go twitter bot had picked up mine whine and sorted everything out. I am going to do all my complaining in public from now on, oh hang on, I already do.

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