Thursday, 14 July 2011

17 years in a box

Residencies play havoc with my domestic chores, I have only just been able to keep on top of the bins. The washing up, hoovering and dusting is in complete disarray. I am certain Mr Pig has developed the ability to raise her eyebrows and 'tut', though she may just have something stuck on her remaining tooth.

Normally none of this would be a problem but my parents arrive today. My mother, a bit like the queen, must think the world smells of furniture polish. Consequently this week's residential activity will also be a little disturbed. We will however make an appearance tomorrow for the screening of "one minute volume 5" especially as I am providing the projector.

Stills from last weeks film "Menagerie", based very loosely on the Phillibert documentary "Nennette".

I'm hoping to here soon from C4 especially as I've just been made redundant and spent the morning packing my belongings in a small cardboard box. Such boxes have featured a lot in my work recently, perhaps I was being prescient. Though some would say I made management's choice for them.

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