Thursday, 14 July 2011

Full time Art as a hobby

Alex has been made redundant. He asked if it was too late for redundancy in his interview. Refused to answer a question and then told senior management that the way to improve the college would be if senior management left us alone. I commend him and his is brave. I still have had a terrible tight-in-the-heart feeling of fear since I found out and my vile childhood dreams have returned as they often do when I'm afraid. I have a feeling of frozen terror and I feel too on high alert to sleep or relax enough to do the crossword. Art is easier for me when I'm not panicking about survival. It's hard even Maslow with his hierarchy of needs would agree to be creative when your basic needs are not met. The idea that has recently been suggested to the 'Marketproject' group I am a part of, that having a full/part time job is good and make art at the weekend, continues to trouble me.

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