Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rambling to Cambridge

I see that cocktail trousers for men are en vogue at the moment. On the train this morning though cans of lager, fascinators and cocktail dresses (for women) seem to be the main trend but East Anglia is rarely at the forefront of such things.

I'm thrashing around in my AA studio at the moment happy to let others worry about whether I should be refining things. I managed to make a new film yesterday using those spinning card things which might possibly go somewhere. There is a new Film and Video Umbrella commission (deadline very very soon) that I might be able to do something with. I have been in a mild panic about it and, without a single idea, had almost given up. I always find coming up with ideas on cue fruitless and rather painful, like forcing a visit to the toilet.

I've had some trouser issues too. In my first week at AA forgetting a belt lead to an extremely teenage shorts wearing experience. In fact Mr Kefford was forced to remark upon my schoolboy demeanour to Annabel. The following week same shorts with belt caused my pants to ride up to such an extent that they puffed over my waistband like an overflowing pudding. Lower down the resulting tightening was very uncomfortable requiring regular performative rearranging (hopping around with both hands out of view). This week my shorts/pant balance seems much better

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