Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Waiting for God

Well that just takes the biscuit. I have chipped a tooth. Now, before me lies the long slow slide into the abyss of decrepitude. In a matter of days I shall be bothering young folk on buses with tales of my youth. "I used to have all my teeth you know."

I looked at my list this morning. It still contains entries such as, 'fix the curtains' and 'fill the brown bin' but other things have moved on, or disappeared. In fact there is nothing left. Or at least nothing art related. I now have: "find dentist","get ears syringed","research varicose veins".

I'm just waiting now, not for "the end" but rather responses from my various applications. I am not overly hopeful as I always find it difficult to come up with a good idea, especially for residencies. I get lots of ideas but they never seem good or appropriate or legal.

I am back to Aid and Abet on Thursday where I will be mostly tidying up. There will be a need for space and I have taken most of it. Annabel (in full phd frenzy) will wait another day.

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