Friday, 8 July 2011

Move your bloomin' arse Dover

At the moment I'm in a version of 'Being John Malkevich' where John's stand-in Bob Hoskins is filling in for him. I'm in a carriage of geezers on their way to Newmarket. They're reading the Racing Post and out Pearly-Kinging each other 'Nah mate it's not as good as The Isle of Dogs. If you go up Kings Cross on a Wednesday...' one Bob Hoskins just asked another Bob Hoskins if he hurt his hand playing football- 'Nah mate' says Bob- 'on me rose garden' embarrassed silence 'Bastards them roses' silence 'bloody missus loves em' finally accepted again another Bob joins in to slag his missus off 'pathetic- she bought the dog some stuff that looked like tuna-he doesn't want that shit'
We are on our way to Aid&Abet and today I'm hoping to see Werner's Nomenclature of Colour in the rare book section of the university library. I'm also meeting a don who is actually a 'Den' from St. John's to talk about cyanotypes.
Soon I want to visit: The Whipple, The Folk Museum, Scott Museum and I want to swim in the Cam at Grantchester.
I'm hoping my gigantic tropical moth pupae will arrive soon so I can let them out in Aid&Abet.

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  1. Can I come with you to the whipple and folk museums when you go. X