Monday, 30 May 2011


The other artists that are to appear at Art as a Full Time Hobby are: Craig Atkinson, Gareth Bayliss, Martyn Cross and "Bad Timing" + a few more as yet unconfirmed. Craig came down to be a visiting lecturer at the college I teach in, but I missed him as it was my day off. I used to follow him on twitter but he didn't follow me so I unfollowed him in a fit of peak. Gareth probably won't remember me but he was a student on a course I taught fifteen years ago. He is much taller than he used to be. Martyn I don't know but I like his work and follow him on twitter, he has just started following me. "Bad Timing" I have no idea about but I shall follow them on twitter. I had a lazy day today doing very little beyond finally completing all four hundred and sixty eight levels of Slay and cycling from staples with an enormous roll of bubblewrap strapped to the back of my shopper. Here it is parked in the garage.

Annabel is now doggedly wrapping three large framed watercolours for a show in London  of which she is very embarrassed (I admit I asked her to hide the invites in case anyone came round). She will be happy when they sell. I have just finished reading an article on the market project site in which David Kefford describes how his art education did nothing to prepare him for the idea of selling work. I was having the identical conversation with Adam King while setting up "The Man Who Fell to Earth" (I hope it is still up). When, rarely, someone offers to buy something I usually say "take it", "no, £10000", "erm make me an offer", "no just have it". And I am (apparently) one of the more professional artists around.

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  1. they are all the 'twitter' artists, we're hoping to work with Darren Banks and the people from Permanent Bookshop are coming on one of the weekends to set up a temporary bookstall, along-with low-fi band Hamilton Yarns and Bird Boy, who I went to college with. The whole project is starting to have a lovely feel about it. PR went out on Friday, updates on our website this week - promote as you will x