Friday, 27 May 2011

Size of an Elephant!

As is often the case, I have already written and lost this and so feel disinclined to go on. We are sitting in Starbucks next to what Annabel describes as a couple of vacuous bimbos and I am trying to remember the gems I wrote earlier. Last night we watched part three of Matthew Barney's Cremaster and enjoyed watching him being ultra macho in a pink kilt. I was amazed at his power, not his muscles but rather the fact he got the Guggenheim to clear it's walls and Richard Serra to shovel hot wax (though he did seem to be enjoying it). When I last visited the very same gallery it was also closed, but for cleaning not tap dancing lamby girls. All we could do was crane our necks to the skylight with the other disappointed pilgrims. We also heard that we had both got into Kerry Baldry's "One Minute volume 5" which will start it's world tour at Aid & Abet
In July. We will probably be there, on stage, with a large bubble bath and a Bengal cat. The picture below is Dean Martin on a bike. It reminds me of "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman"!

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