Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jimmy Saville

I have been painting in the coal cellar and don't really feel like writing. I have been trying to recreate some paintings I made and have lost. They are of 'Wonders of the World' a seies of paintings and drawings I have made in response to being forbidden from looking at The Reader's Digest Atlas of the World. This is a very cheap publication that is in nearly every home I have visited. To my father, however it was the Gottenburg Bible and it lived in his 'study' which had a polished parquet floor and a leather clad desk with gold tooling. God knows what he studied in there: John Le CarrĂ© novels? the Exchange and Mart? 
It's tediously Freudian that nearly all of my work seems to come down to my despot of a father and I am hoping it's just a phase. Alex mentioned Jimmy Saville in the last post and he too reminds me of my father-MENSA member, odd aspic-image of his mother and rumblings of something rather unpleasant.

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