Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Annabel Dover & Alex Pearl: High Alert

Back from my walk. I saw gnats in the sun, a black shuck, a lot of dog shit and our posh next door neighbour on his miniature bike back from a meeting in London and with a ruddy glow to his cheeks. I looked for marmite in the corner shop and tried to explain to the man behind the counter what it is. he looked confused and then disgusted.

Alex and I helped put the Foundation art show up today. There was a hissy fit from one of the fashion show boys and a student refused to sit on my (expensive cashmere) jumper to protect her from the floor as it looked to grubby (the jumper). Senior management came down to tell me that they had received 16 emails of complaint from even more senior management (it's a Saint-like intercessionary process communicating with the truly senior management). The complaints addressed the very serious issue that I had been seen on CCTV letting Alex into the college with MY CARD. What the hell I was thinking of I don't know. After paying our very sweet but curiously deranged guinea pig mad administrator (she wears a guinea pig toy on her lanyard) and has several professionally taken photos of them along with cherry blossom in Japan, on her board. Alex became a respectable human being as I thought it easier to buy him a new card. On my bike ride home Alex said I shouldn't have paid the card fee for him and it would have been fun to see what happened if he got the sack and was forced to change his life.

Talking to my boss I noticed there was a notebook entitled 'problems to sort' with several names of fellow colleagues on and their personal menopause, grief related behavioural problems. I also saw on the screen a lot of emails from senior management entitled 'Annabel Dover & Alex Pearl: High Alert'

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