Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Red Carbuncle

I have a large spot above my left eye. Annabel, after staring at it a little too avidly, insisted I take it to the chemists for assessment. Believing it to be a sty, and fearing severe disfigurement for my next private view, I agreed. Minutes later I left the pharmacist barely able to hold back gales of laughter (him not me).

"that sir, is a spot".

In advance of Market Project's next event at Aid & Abet (aid & abet again hmmm) Annabel was asking me to come up with some questions about collecting the uncollectable. While we talked I formulated an idea that I could designate a cold (or a sty) an artwork and could physically pass it on to a willing collector for a fee. We discussed the necessarily short term nature of the collector's purchase and the idea that rather than buying an object the collector was investing in a connection with the artist. How much should I charge for a cold, a sty, whooping cough, diphtheria?

Meanwhile in Limerick. Transition gallery is presenting the next instalment of The Count of Monte Cristo: The Lion's Den. The image shows five worn spoons used to dig a tunnel in my basement.

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