Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Alex = Green Annabel = Orange

I am reading Brian Aldiss' Hothouse. It describes a world taken over by evolved plants in which small tribes of tiny humans fight for survival. One tree covers the whole planet and the moon is tethered to the Earth by vegetal spiders' webs. David asked us to send a few images of what we might be doing at Aid & Abet in July. This lead to the usual hunting for pictures which have been arcanely filed in iphoto. Mine always seem easier to find than Annabel's. I have resized them three times now and compressed them and zipped them in order that they can be squeezed over the information super byeway. It still hasn't worked.
I'll write a blog sometime, I'm just too shagged at the moment. I'm going out to look at the gnats in the sun.

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