Monday, 27 June 2011

Rant from a grumpy old man.

I heard a story today from an artist working in an FE institution. He was told that unless he re-applied for a full time post His position at the college was in jeopardy. This is not new. Many FE colleges seem to see lecturer's who practice as a drain on their institution rather than enriching it. They have, perhaps, heard the old adage: "those who can do, those who can't teach" but have decided to preach "those that teach mustn't do". *rant face* Part time lecturers give students access to the world to which they aspire. They have the opportunity to interact with tutors who are active in their field and in FE they can do this at a vital time, a time when they are deciding not only what to do with their lives but also how they should spend £27,000 in fees. *deep breath for horrible analogy* Would you spend £27,000 on a car (for example) on the say so of someone who doesn't even drive?

Grumpy? me?

Well anyway. Tomorrow I will be handing in my paperwork to reapply for my (part time) job. And as often happens I will no doubt be reemployed and have to publicly eat my words. Mustn't grumble, The garden is looking good after a mowing and wholesale genocide of the ground elder (wholesale is probably redundant there). The Elder had spread with scifi alacrity and cunning. Here it covered an apple tree making it appear healthier, there it shot arrow straight tendrils across the lawn. The unsightly shed looked at first glance to be delightfully festooned in vine but in another year all would have been swamped in a smothering green blanket. Now the shed is clear for all to see and the apple tree seems closer to death.

Role on Thursday and our residency at Aid & Abet.

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