Saturday, 11 June 2011

Urban Jungle

It often happens like this. Artist is looking 6 months ahead and sees a blank airless void, then a single silvery mote drifts into view and he crawls onward.

The pv at Jens Hills was a lovely affair it was a pleasant experience seeing people enjoying art and then buying it to take home and enjoy some more. I saw an excited lady trying to choose between two of Alex Gene Morrisson's paintings. I was asked (politely) how I expected anyone to buy my giant blob and was generally regaled with DIY disasters involving expanding foam. On our way home we had our usual fantasies about living in London and managed to work out at our current rent we could afford a single room above a shop in Haggerston. Earlier in the week Annabel had been propositioned by a rich businessman who offered to install her in a flat in Chelsea. Unfortunately she had turned him down on grounds of "creepiness", we are never going to get anywhere with an attitude like that. Dreaming aside tomorrow we are off to Aid & Abet for a little meeting about our upcoming residency. I am really looking forward to making some films and exploring a new approach to showing my work.

The silver mote? A possibility of a commission to make a short film for channel 4. It will be screened well after my bedtime and I don't have a tv despite the assertions of the licensing authorities that I must.

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