Sunday, 12 June 2011

Love is a Stranger in an Open Car

I am lying exhausted in bed while Mr Pig leaps feverishly around the room carrying an elastic band and singing like a young Cher. We have only just got back from an eight hour round trip to Cambridge. Such an adventure would normally trigger a long rant about the appalling transport infrastructure of the eastern region, the lack of air conditioning (apart from the "bake" setting) on replacement buses and the interesting personal habits of my fellow travellers. But not today.

At Aid & Abet the rain was purring onto the roof and drooling little puddles around the space. I wanted to place objects in the pools and watch them silently (ahem too much reverie) we had a meeting with David and Sarah about our intentions for Art as a Full Time Hobby I vaguely remember promising a projection of Annabel and I in the bath which may, on reflection, not be the best idea I've ever had. I said I would ahem "explore a more sculptural approach to showing video" (under my breath, hopefully no one heard)

Other ideas include:
Stealing other people's ideas.
Singing to Worms

I wonder if I can be this vague with the Channel 4 people.

Oh and I forgot to show David this album cover lovingly placed in the window by the Oxfam ladies, bless them.

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  1. Do you think they realise!? Bless them indeed.
    And yes, I did hear you and I hope you do.